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How to Donate

1. GIVE DIRECT TO THE  – Great Commission Youth Ministry LLC

GCYM is not a 501c3 non-profit.

Churches and foundations and other donors that do not need or are not eligible for Tax Deductible Receipt may give directly to GCYM by sending a Check by mail to: 


7613 Shaker Mill Rd

Louisville, KY 40220

*Make direct deposits (one time or repeating) directly to GCYM bank account.(Account and routing numbers are available upon request for such donations)

2. Give to GCYM through a partnering 501c3 ministry

It has adopted GCYM as an ongoing non-profit ministry. The payment modes are as listed below:


Give Directly to receive a Tax-Exempt Donation and Receipt. GCYM has partnered with Helping Hands ministry and its 501c3 Non-Profit partner ministry.

ProvisionBridge which has approved GCYM as an ongoing ministry project.

Check: Make payable to ‘ProvisionBridge’ -place in the memo or enclosed note:

“HH - Great Commission Youth Ministry - Fund #21353 “

Mail to: ProvisionBridge

1859 Northgate Blvd

Sarasota, FL 34234

B. Via ONLINE using credit/debit card or Direct bank account transfer

ONLINE using credit or debit card or Direct bank account transfer (one-time or Recurring donation).

(Online donations may take 5-7 business days to process)

Step #1: Go to link: link:

OR Scan the QR code below with your cell phone.

Step #2: Select “One Time” or “Recurring” Donation & the AMOUNT.

Step #3: Complete all fields under [Donor information]

Step #4: Select “Payment method” (‘Credit Card’ or ‘Direct Deposit’) onetime

or recurring donation. Fill in all fields. Credit Cards will add a 3% bank fee, 0% for debit cards) email confirmation will be sent.

Step #5: Click “Give securely” to complete your donation.

*** A tax-deductible receipt will be issued. All donations given through ProvisionBridge will be accessed a very reasonable 8% administration due to all ProvisionBridge is providing with its 501c3 compliancy on behalf of GCYM Donations totaling in excess of $250 annually will be sent a yearly giving report.

*Use the QR code below to give through scanning the Code Below with your cell phone which will open the giving process.

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