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Leadership Team

President – Dr. Randy Smith

Great Commission Youth Ministry was started by Dr. Randy Smith, a veteran church youth pastor for more than 30 years. Dr. Smith has been a  youth ministry professor and National and International trainer of local church youth workers for more than 32 years. While serving as a Youth Pastor in the ministry of Dr. Jerry Falwell at the Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, VA in the 80’s, Dr. Smith traveled to Kenya Africa to assist in conducting a training conference with missionaries and local national church pastors. 

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Leadership Advisory Councils

Executive Leadership
Advisory Council

Calvin Balsam – Business Leader - Louisville, KY


Roger Glidewell – Youth Ministry Camp Director and Youth leader Trainer and Author – Chatsworth, GA


Dan KregelExecutive Director/CEO - West Michigan Youth for Christ


Rob Wetzel – Executive Director of Liberty Church Network – Raleigh, NC


Claudia Viar – Christian Ministry retired educator and editor – Louisville, KY


Ken Mahan – President of Above & Beyond Youth Ministry and Pastor, Boca Raton, FL


Dan Waggoner – Retired Christian businessman and manager – Appleton, WI

International Advisory Council

Dr. Samuel Oleyeye – Youth Leader, Professor and Trainer - Nigeria 

Dr. James Solomon – Youth Leader, Professor, Denominational Youth Director -  Nigeria 

Mulatu Betsegaw – Engineer, Youth Ministry Trainer & Pastor, Author, National Youth Director - Ethiopia

Dr. Nebyou Yonas – University/Seminary professor, Youth Ministry Leader, Church Elder -Ethiopia  

Raphael Rosas – Youth Ministry Professor, National Youth Ministry Director - Mexico 

Dr. Charles Juma – National Youth Ministry Training Director, Educator, Pastor - Kenya  

Kolshilning Thangsha – Pastor, Youth Ministry Trainer, Church planter - Nepal 

Dr. Naw Yaw Yet (Mark) – Youth Ministry Trainer, Pastor, National Youth Ministry Director - Myanmar

Nyuma Kiyumbi – Youth Ministry Professor, National Youth Ministry & Denomination Leader - Tanzania 

Jacob  Isaac – Christian Business motivator, Director of National Youth Ministry, Trainer - India  

Dr. Theo Colda – Seminary Youth Ministry Professor, Youth Pastor - Romania 

Rev. Prem Susma Bhattarai - Pastor & Youth Leader/Trainer - Kathmandu Nepal

U.S. Training Advisory Council

Gene Dodson - Community and Outreach Pastor Metropoliton Baptist church Wichita, Kansas

Our Partners

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