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1. Online Training Seminar/Conference

  1. Request  and propose a local training seminar for one or several partnering churches.

  • Dr. Smith will come to do face to face Weekend Training (Travel, Food/Lodging and discretionary honorarium is expected.

  • Promotion graphic material will be provided by GCYM

  • Printing of handouts will be provided by host.

2. Internships

  1. Apply for and be accepted to serve in local U.S. or international youth ministry contexts.

  2. Work with seasoned veteran youth leaders to assist while learning hands on youth ministry.

  • Applicants must receive minimum training by GCYM certified courses and seminars.

  • Approved interns will need to raise all or part of the funding needed to travel to the approved intern site hosts. (level of onsite support will depend on the capability of the host ministry.

  • Internships could vary in length from a few months up to one year.

3. Volunteer to become a GCYM certified Trainer.

Become a certified or credentialed trainer and be available to assist with GCYM training efforts, whether informal conference or formal academic course teaching.

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