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Testimonials & Recommendations

Dr. Dave Adams 

Executive Director - Center for Pastoral Ministry Liberty University

It is without reservation that I recommend Dr. Randy Smith for your consideration.  Dr. Smith is an expert in youth ministry, nationally and internationally. His vast experience and personal training have positioned him to be one of the foremost adolescent influencers of our time.  His unique giftedness as a youth ministry communicator, motivator, and trainer has resulted in his being a highly sought after speaker, equipper, and mentor.


As the founder of Youth Ministry International and Great Commission Youth Ministry, Dr. Smith has established youth ministry training centers in more than 33 different countries resulting in more than one million teens coming to Christ and being discipled through the local church.  He has also developed formal academic degree programs to train National youth workers in 17 countries, where more than 2500 youth workers have now graduated with a degree in youth ministry, a FIRST in those countries!  As an accredited credentialed educator holding multiple degrees, including an earned doctorate, he is a frequent instructor in international platforms.  He is a two-time recipient of the Liberty University Center for Youth Ministry Alumni of the Year Award.


Randy is a model family man, in the spirit of 1 Timothy 3, as an exemplary Christian, Husband (55 years) , Father, and grandfather.  His contribution to youth and family ministry is without equal.  For over forty years he has served as guest lecturer at institutions where I have served (Liberty University, Lexington Baptist College, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Boyce College)  Moreover, he has helped to shape numerous programs, Centers, and Majors, having served on prestigious advisory boards, executive boards, and consulting panels while being active in his local church.  He is an international educator without peer.


Dr. Barry St. Clair l East-West

Vice President - Global Youth Engagement

Randy Smith has had a lifetime calling to equipping younger generation leaders!  Because of our very similar callings, Randy and I have become close friends, confidants, and collaborators in our ministry efforts. We have walked alongside each other in Africa and Cuba, and later we began the Global Youth Coalition together. His passion for Jesus, ministry intelligence, strategic thinking and work ethic have resulted in significant ministry “fruit” around the world. Years ago, we collaborated together in Cuba. That led to at least half of my Jesus-Focused Youth Ministry trainers earning a B.A. or M.A. in youth ministry through Randy’s creative degree programs—unheard of in Cuba!  What a privilege for me to walk alongside Randy on our youth ministry training journey. 

Pastor Beselamu Bakalo 

EKHC Youth Ministry - Discipleship & Leadership Training Coordinator

Always when there is no way, God has a way. This is true in my life and ministry. I was of empty hand serving as a denomination youth leader in Ethiopian KHC. Then the Lord sent Dr. Randy Smith and his team; my eyes are now, open, my hands are full, and my heart  has become confident. Thanks to God first then Dr. Randy Smith and Ethiopia Theological College.   

Mulatu Betsegaw

Youth Ministry Author Professor - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

I have known Dr. Randy personally since 2018. His compassion, passion, and knowledge as to achieving the great commission is powerful and very practical. He has mastered almost every aspect of local church youth ministry. He does youth ministry for real. He trained me an others here in Ethiopia as a father trains a son. His continuous follow up helped us to make a great impact on Ethiopian church youth ministries. Many of his students are teaching in colleges and ministering in local churches. He knows how to equip and train youth leaders that leads to practice in our ministries and lives.! 

Dr Randy is a very hamble goal-oriented man of God. Anyone who gets an opportunity to receive his training and his mentorship is very lucky. Dr. Randy mentored, guided, advised, and mentored me to grow into a professional youth minister. Dr. Randy is also real friend who has great respect for everyone. I urge churches and theology schools to utilize Dr Randy and his training. He is great resource for 21st century youth ministry!

Dr. Chris Davis

Founder and Executive Director - globalLead 

“The need for biblically solid, practical, and extensive leadership training for youth ministry is expansive. Dr. Randy Smith and I have worked hand in hand to meet this need in both formal and informal methods around the globe to see incredible top-level leaders developed to multiply quality training.”

Daniel S. Kregel

Executive Director/CEO - West Michigan Youth for Christ

"No one understands Youth Ministry from a cultural perspective like Dr.  Randy Smith.  His experience, passion, and commitment to the gospel are second to none.  Great Commission Youth Ministry continues to raise Godly, Christ-centered leaders equipped to make a kingdom impact. “

Benny Proffitt

Founder/CEO - First Priority Global Ministries 

I’m encouraging you to connect with Randy at Great Commission Youth Ministry 

Randy has many years of experience as a youth minister, successfully reaching and discipling thousands of young people. Randy’s wisdom, experience and teaching will impact every part of your ministry.

Ken Mahan

Executive Pastor - Above & Beyond Community Church Boca Raton, Florida

"Randy Smith’s Great Commission Youth Ministry Training is Biblical, relevant and impactful. His principles are both time tested and time sensitive! I have been a  product of its impact for four decades. I have personally witnessed its successful application Internationally from China to Cuba, and Nationally in Maryland, Tennessee, Maine, and most recently to our youth and staff in Florida in early 2023."

Ken Mahan Pic_edited.jpg

Roger Glidewell

President – Global Youth Ministry

“Randy Smith has been an inspiring leader for several decades. He is a man of great faith in God and has laid claim to the mission of reaching youth everywhere with the Gospel. During his amazing ministry, he has accumulated a long list of wonderful and effective ministries with youth both here and abroad. His Bible-centered and common-sense approach to youth ministry has instructed youth leaders around the world, including me! Who knows how many youth leaders have been impacted by his teaching and mentoring across the years!?


I have followed Randy's ministry from afar for years, never expecting to actually have the privilege of meeting him personally. But as the Lord would have it, I became personally acquainted with Randy several years ago. I found him to be not only wise but also passionate about ministry with youth, which is a passion of my own. We were led to serve together through the Global Youth Coalition, and it has been my privilege to co-labor with him on several joint projects around the world. 


Great Commission Youth Ministry is Randy's exciting new venture to multiply youth leaders who are not just disciples of Jesus but disciple-makers!  Get on board with this God-sized dream. Join Randy, as I have, to believe God for greater things among young people near and far away.”

Roger Glidewell Pic_edited.jpg

Rob Wetzel, Executive Director

Liberty Church Network/Liberty Baptist Fellowship

“Randy has been my mentor since my first high school ministry position in 1987.  I have had the privilege of serving with Randy on multiple organizations and many training events around the US and the world.  Randy brings the wisdom and experience that churches and organizations need to advance student ministry and leadership development.  I would not hesitate to have Randy lead and teach leaders how to reach this next generation of students.  I’m honored to be able to serve with Randy at GCYM in an advisory capacity."

Rob Wetzel Headshot pic_edited.jpg

Frew Tamrat, PhD, Principal 

Evangelical Theological College - Ethiopia

“ I have known Dr. Randy Smith since 2017.  He was instrumental for the starting of our Master of Arts in Youth Ministry Program in 2018 at the Evangelical Theological College. This is the only MA Program in Youth Ministry in Ethiopia. I pray that God will use Dr. Randy Smith for his glory as he leads this new organization .”

Frew Tamrat -Oct 2023_edited.jpg

Mark Juma, Kenya Youth Ministry Coalition- Leader

Ruiru Bible Baptist Church - Kenya

“It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial recommendation for Dr. Randy Smith and his new ministry, Great Commission Youth Ministry! He is a dedicated and inspirational leader. He possesses a unique ability to connect with youth on a personal level. His approach is not just about delivering sermons or leading activities, but about genuinely caring for the well-being and growth of every young person he encounters. Through his leadership, the youth ministry here in Kenya has flourished, and countless young individuals have found a sense of purpose, belonging, and faith.

In addition to his leadership skills, he is a person of great integrity and faith. His unwavering dedication to his own spiritual journey serves as a powerful example to our young people. He approaches every challenge with grace, resilience, and a deep sense of purpose. Dr. Smith is an Inspirational Leader. He is a role model for our youth. He has consistently demonstrated a strong moral compass and a commitment to living out the principles of our faith. His leadership style is both empowering and motivating, encouraging the youth to grow spiritually and personally. He is a strong advocate for inclusivity and diversity, ensuring that all young people feel valued and heard. He has created a safe and welcoming environment where youth from all backgrounds can come together to learn, grow, and form lasting friendships.

In summary, I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Randy as a youth minister, leader, and trainer. His dedication to the spiritual and personal development of our youth, the ability to foster a sense of community, and his outstanding leadership qualities have had a profound positive impact on the youth generation both here in Kenya and around the world.”

Charles Juma

Ruslan Khmyz, President

Kyiv Theological Seminary - Ukraine

“The Kyiv Theological Seminary in Ukraine began work with Dr. Randy Smith and his excellent team in 2002. Thanks to a well-prepared training program there are thousands of youth leaders in Ukraine who have been trained for ministry over the years. All of them are successfully serving young people, leading them to Christ and helping them to grow in Him. I am convinced that Great Commission Youth Ministry will be a blessing for many Churches and will to prepare many new generation of Christian leaders for the World.”

Ruslan KTS pic_edited.jpg

Rafael Rosas Machorro, Chairmam

Mexico Youth Ministry Coalition

“The vision of GCYM will be of great benefit to youth leadership around the world. I recommended this ministry to all youth leaders who want to consecrate youth towards the fullness of their lives, upon achieving their experience of vital communion with Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Furthermore, I personally express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Smith for sharing his knowledge, valuable teaching, life testimony and faith for youth ministry, and for teaching me the importance of loving what you do, which  is the true vocation. Dr. Smith is one of my biggest influences and a true inspiration in my life.”


Prof Esther O. Ayandokun, Ph.D., RECTOR 

Baptist College of Theology, Oyo, Nigeria.

“I am most glad to make this recommendation. I came in contact with this man of God in 2016 when I enrolled for the new Master of Arts in Youth Ministry at the Nigerian Baptist Theological Seminary, Ogbomoso, Nigeria with my colleagues. He served as the Leader of the team of Youth Ministry Experts who trained us for three years. I have been greatly blessed by the training and post-training experiences which led to my advanced ministry to teenagers and youth under the platform of “Beloved of the Lord Teens and Youth Ministry” which is registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria. Dr Randy is a youth at heart and highly committed to raising youth for Christ. My thanks to him for all his good services in God’s vineyard. I wish him the best of God and great success in this new Venture: Great Commission Youth Ministry!”

Ayandokun picture_edited.jpg

Dr. John Ong, President

Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary - Malaysia

“After years of working together we can testify that The Great Commission Youth Ministry is a very relevant youth workers training ministry, especially their emphasis on mentorship.  This new training ministry website is highly recommended for any aspiring youth workers!”

Dr Ong Pic_edited.jpg

Dr. Teo Colda, Youth Pastor, Vice Academic Dean

Baptist Theological Institute of Bucharest – Romania                                       

“Dr. Randy Smith is one of the most passionate and experienced Christian youth ministry trainers I have ever met. I had the privilege of getting acquainted with Randy 10 years ago and I can still remember his enthusiasm, maturity and sincerity while speaking about the importance of youth ministry for the Church and for the world in this generation which so desperately needs Christ.”

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